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Economic impacts of feeding an immune modulator to multiparous dry Holstein dairy cows.

L. T. Casarotto




Economic impacts of feeding an immune modulator to multiparous dry Holstein dairy cows.
L. T. Casarotto*1, V. Ouellet1, J. Laporta1, J. D. Chapman2, A. De Vries1, G. E. Dahl1. 1Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida Gainesville, FL, 2Phibro Animal Health Corporation Teaneck, NJ.

Feeding OmniGen-AF (OMN, Phibro Animal Health) to lactating and dry cows exposed to heat stress lowers respiration rates and rectal temperatures and improves lactational performance and health. Our aim was to evaluate the effects of feeding OMN beginning at dry off until mid-lactation and quantify the economic impact of this supplementation strategy. Cows in a commercial Holstein dairy herd were randomly assigned to OMN (56 g/d, n = 706) or control (CON; 56 g/d of placebo, n = 686) supplementation from dry off (~60 d before calving) to 150 DIM (~210 d total feeding length). Milk yield, reproductive performance, and health events were analyzed using MIXED and LIFETEST procedures of SAS. Milk yield of OMN cows was 0.7 kg/d greater than CON (40.8 kg/d vs. 40.1 kg/d respectively; P < 0.01). Using a milk price of $0.44/kg and a lactation length of 150 DIM, income from milk would be increased $46/cow when OMN is fed. During lactation, OMN feeding tended (P < 0.11) to reduce the incidence of mastitis (257 vs. 284 cases), retained placenta (38 vs. 52 cases), displaced abomasum (18 vs. 22 cases) and days in hospital relative to CON. Considering the costs of treatment (i.e., labor, medications, veterinarian fees, and replacement costs) and the number of cases of each disorder, feeding OMN reduced health-associated costs by $14/cow relative to CON. Feeding OMN also improved reproductive performance as reflected in a 10-d reduction in days open (P < 0.05) compared with CON. Assuming an extra day open cost of $3/d, the enhanced reproductive performance associated with feeding OMN would lead to a savings of $30/cow compared with CON. Ultimately, total economic gain associated with OMN supplementation for 210d was of $90/cow. The cost of supplementation was $32/cow, for a net benefit of $58/cow. In conclusion, our results indicate that OmniGen-AF supplementation from dry-off through 150 DIM benefits cow health and performance and improves herd profitability.

Keywords: dairy economics, milk, reproduction.

Biography: Leticia T. Casarotto completed her undergrad education (animal sciences major) at Sao Paulo State University in Brazil. She's currently completing her master's degree at University of Florida under Dr. Dahl advisory. Her research area focuses on lactation physiology.