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Recent mycotoxin contamination trends in US corn grain and corn by-product feeds.

P. N. Gott




Recent mycotoxin contamination trends in US corn grain and corn by-product feeds.
P. N. Gott*1, E. G. Hendel1, S. M. Ramirez1, U. Hofstetter2, G. R. Murugesan1. 1BIOMIN America Inc Overland Park, KS, 2BIOMIN Holding GmbH Getzersdorf, Lower Austria, Austria.

Certain molds produce secondary metabolites called “mycotoxins” which are detrimental to animal health and negatively affect productivity and reproductive performance. As part of an on-going survey of mycotoxin occurrence, samples were screened for the 6 major mycotoxin groups: aflatoxins, type A trichothecenes, type B trichothecenes (B-Trich), fumonisins (FUM), zearalenone (ZEN) and ochratoxin A via LC-MS/MS technique. The 2019 crop year data were compared with the prior 2 harvest years using Kruskal-Wallis Test (Prism7, GraphPad, La Jolla, CA) and are presented in Table 1. Mean B-Trich contamination (ppb, parts per billion) in corn grain is numerically down in 2019 versus 2018, but remains greater than 2017 levels. In grain, mean ZEN level and prevalence continues to rise while FUM values are consistent with 2018, but elevated vs 2017. Mean toxin count per sample in 2019 corn grain is similar to 2018, while co-contamination in corn by-product feeds remains high, surpassing 3 toxins per sample. In by-products, mean B-Trich level is down numerically vs. 2018 while FUM contamination has more than doubled over the same timeframe. Both ZEN occurrence and mean levels in 2019 by-products are the highest seen in the past 3 years. Preliminary results of the 2019 corn grain and corn by-product feeds survey indicate mycotoxin occurrence and contamination levels are similar to the prior crop year and will continue to challenge animal health and performance as these ingredients are fed out.Table 1. Trends in mycotoxin contamination in US corn grain and corn by-product feeds

GrainBy-Product Feeds
Mean toxin Count1.46a2.13b2.07b2.842.753.04
 Prevalence, %6976809993100
 Concentration,1 ppb 569a � 711,167b � 101879b � 792,026a � 2043,175b � 3662,763b � 178
 Prevalence, %5279769290100
 Concentration, ppb 2,390a � 2563,299ab � 3313,972b � 4551,452a � 2861,516a � 3473,536b � 701
 Prevalence, %244547838595
Concentration, ppb 269a � 85310b � 26451ab � 130189a � 16527b � 65593b � 55
a,bValues within a row with different letters are different (P < 0.05).1Mean � SEM.

Keywords: mycotoxin, corn, by-products.