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Recap of 36th Discover Conference on Lipids in Dairy Nutrition.

K. Harvatine




Recap of 36th Discover Conference on Lipids in Dairy Nutrition.
K. Harvatine*. Penn State University University Park, PA.

The 36th Discover Conference (DC36) titled “Lipids in Dairy Nutrition: From Feed to Milk Fat” was held in May 2019. The conference led off with a view of world markets and future supply and demand for fats and oils. The first session focused on lipid supply and covered the fundamentals of lipids in feeds to current methodology for analysis. This was followed by a discussion of managing rumen available fatty acid level including potential for modeling. Subsequent sessions were dedicated to understanding intestinal fatty acid digestibility both from meta-analysis and experimental approaches and bioactivity of fatty acids with specific focus on the mammary gland, adipose tissue, reproductive function, and nutrient partitioning. The conference was wrapped up with a discussion of aspects of milk fat important to dairy food processing and MIR analysis of milk fat. The current presentation will hit the major points covered at the conference and highlight key potentials identified and areas requiring further research.

Keywords: milk fat, lipids, DC36.

Biography: Harvatine is Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology at Penn State and was co-chair of the 36th Discover Conference.