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Brown midrib (BMR) forage sorghum or BMR pearl millet silage support similar production when fed along with corn silage.

J. K. Bernard



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Brown midrib (BMR) forage sorghum or BMR pearl millet silage support similar production when fed along with corn silage.
J. K. Bernard*, S. Tao. University of Georgia Tifton, GA.

A randomized complete block trial was conducted to evaluate the feeding value of silage produced from either brown midrib (BMR) pearl millet (PMS) or BMR forage sorghum (FSS). The PMS contained (DM basis) 37.2% DM, 14.2% CP, 35.4% ADF, 64.6% NDF and 44.0% 30 h NDFd. The FSS contained 29.0% DM, 11.7% CP, 38.3% ADF, 60.5% NDF and 60.5% 30 h NDFd. Thirty-two mid-lactation Holstein cows (139 � 21 DIM) trained to eat behind Calan gates were fed a common diet based on corn silage for 2 wk preliminary period. Cows were abruptly switched to 1 of 2 experimental diets containing 32.6% of DM as corn silage and 20.6% of DM from either PMS or FSS for the following 6 wk. DMI and milk yield were measure daily and milk samples were collected during wk 4 through 6. Data were subjected to repeated measures analysis of covariance using preliminary data as a covariate. During the trial no differences (P > 0.10) were observed in DMI (average 28.6 and 28.7 kg/d) or milk yield (average 36.5 and 37.4 kg/d) between PMS and FSS, respectively. Milk yield, milk component percentage, ECM yield and dairy efficiency (ECM/DMI) were not different (P > 0.10) among treatments during wk 4 to 6 (Table 1). Cows fed diets supplemented with FSS had higher (P < 0.0001) MUN concentrations compared with PMS and the differences were greater for FSS during wk 4 and 6 compared with PMS resulting in a treatment by week interaction (P < 0.0001). No differences (P > 0.10) were observed in change of BW or BCS among treatments during the trial. Results of the current trial indicate that silage produced from either BMR pearl millet or forage sorghum will support similar performance of mid-lactation dairy cows when fed along with corn silage.Table 1. Intake and production response of cows fed diets supplemented with BMR pearl millet silage or BMR forage sorghum silage during wk 4 to 6

DMI, kg/d26.326.50.60.89
Milk, kg/d36.
Fat, %3.423.480.090.63
Protein, %2.782.780.030.95
Lactose, %4.794.720.030.64
SNF. %8.478.460.030.10
ECM, kg/d35.536.51.00.70
Efficiency, ECM/DMI1.351.380.040.77
MUN, mg/dl14.2716.720.32<0.0001

Keywords: pearl millet silage, forage sorghum silage, milk yield.