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Comparison of cow health and performance in 244 European dairy farms before and during OmniGen-AF supplementation.

R. Garcia-Gonzalez



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Comparison of cow health and performance in 244 European dairy farms before and during OmniGen-AF supplementation.
R. Garcia-Gonzalez*1, J. Chapman2, D. McLean2, L. Ely3. 1Phibro Animal Health Wavre, Belgium, 2Phibro Animal Health Teaneck, NJ, 3University of Georgia Athens, GA.

Strategies are being implemented in European Union countries to reduce the use of antimicrobials on farm, including alternative husbandry practices and technologies that support animal health and productivity. OmniGen-AF (Phibro Animal Health, Teaneck, NJ) is a complementary feed product composed of yeast, wheat fiber, bentonite and diatomaceous earth that has been shown to influence key markers of immune function in ruminants and other animal models. The objective of this study was to evaluate the practical effects of feeding OmniGen-AF on health and milk records in EU dairy farms. Dairy farms from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (n = 244) were enrolled across all seasons of the year from 2016 to 2019. Farm records were collected for 120 to 180 d before (Pre-OG period) and during feeding 55 g/hd/d of OmniGen-AF to all dry and lactating cows (OG period). Metrics recorded (by number of farms) included: incidence of mastitis (n = 156), retained placenta (n = 150), metritis (n = 131), culled cows (n = 68), milk yield (n = 210) and bulk tank SCC (n = 224). Incidence of mastitis and culled cows was expressed as % total cows over the recording period, while incidence of retained placenta and metritis as % fresh cows. Farm per period was the statistical unit, Pre-OG vs. OG data were analyzed using a paired t-test, and statistical significance was declared when P < 0.05. Average farm size was 165 cows/farm, and records were collected for average 146 d each period. Overall, the incidence of mastitis, retained placenta (RP) and metritis all decreased (P = 0.001) during the OG period, specifically −28% mastitis (18.0% Pre-OG vs. 13.0% OG), −34% RP (14.5% vs. 9.5%), and −34% metritis (18.3% vs. 12.1%); and the number of culled cows decreased by 22% (9.7% vs. 7.5%). Bulk tank SCC decreased an average of 48,000 cells/mL during the OG period (270 vs. 222 � 103 cells/mL) while milk yield increased by 0.45 kg/hd/d: 30.6 vs. 31.0 kg/hd/d. These results suggest that feeding OmniGen-AF to dry and lactating cows can have a positive influence on health, milk yield and milk quality on practical field conditions.