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Effect of Turboviv phytochemicals on soybean meal protein degradation using in vitro method.

V. Ballard



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Effect of Turboviv phytochemicals on soybean meal protein degradation using in vitro method.
V. Ballard*1, F. Robert1, M. Mireaux1, A. Boudon2. 1Groupe CCPA Janz�, France, 2INRAE, Agrocampus Ouest, PEGASE Saint-Gilles, France.

Phytochemicals are known to improve the proportion of diet proteins by-passing the rumen, by binding proteins and limiting their ruminal degradation. This can improve milk yield and milk protein synthesis. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of dietary phytochemicals [Turboviv; CCPA, Janze, France] as rumen modifiers on protein degradation with the Ankom Daisy Incubator II System. Three lactating fistulated dairy cows were used for rumen fluid collection in 3 studies. Animals were fed with diets, based on either corn silage or pasture. In each study, rumen fluid was collected at the beginning for control. Then cows were fed during 21 d with phytochemicals, before the 2nd rumen fluid collection (Turboviv treatment). Dry matter (DM, 17 h at 103�C) degradation was determined with samples of alfalfa and soybean meal (46% CP) incubated in a Daisy Incubator II in bags with rumen buffer and rumen fluid for 0, 2, 7, 24, and 48 h. Nitrogen content of the residues (Kjeldahl) was also analyzed for soybean meal. Means were compared within feeds (alfalfa or soybean meal), using GLM function with R considering diets (corn silage or grass), treatments (Control or Turboviv), incubation times and interactions as factors (significance at P < 0.05). Turboviv decreased DM degradability of both alfalfa and soybean meal (P < 0.05) in rumen fluid related to both diets. The decrease was observed at 2 and 4 h hours of incubation for soybean meal (interaction time � treatments, P < 0.01). Turboviv also decreased the protein degradability for soybean meal at 2h and 4h (respectively 4.0% and 10.4%, Table 1). Summary statistics of protein degradation are given in the Table 1. These data suggest that feeding Turboviv can significantly affect rumen fermentation, and more specifically can decrease ruminal protein degradation.Table 1. Summary statistics of soybean meal protein degradation (%)

Group2 h4 h7 h24 h

Keywords: dairy cow, phytochemicals, ruminal degradability of protein.