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Yerba-mate as feed additive and its effects on feed intake and digestibility.

R. R. Lobo



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Yerba-mate as feed additive and its effects on feed intake and digestibility.
R. R. Lobo*1,2, Y. A. Pe�a-Berm�dez1, D. A. Rojas-Moreno1, C. M. da Silva1, L. L. Panosso1, V. Benetel Junior1, L. R. Ghussn1, V. C. Mufalo1, A. P. Faciola2, R. S. B. Pinheiro3, A. Berndt4, I. C. S. Bueno1. 1Universidade de S�o Paulo Pirassununga, SP, Brazil, 2University of Florida Gainesville, FL, 3Universidade Estadual Paulista Ilha Solteira, SP, Brazil, 4Embrapa Pecu�ria Sudeste S�o Carlos, SP, Brazil.

Our objective was to evaluate levels of inclusion of yerba-mate (Ilex paraguariensis) extract (YME) as feed additive and its effects on feed intake and digestibility in sheep. For this project, we used 24 intact male lambs (23.3 � 2.2 kg) as models. Animals were assigned into 6 blocks of 4 animals each, and animals within blocks were randomly assigned to treatments. Animals were fed a basal diet containing 60:40 concentrate:forage. Treatments were divided by levels of inclusion of YME (0, 10, 20, and 40 g/kg of DM) fed as TMR. The experimental period lasted 53 d, and daily individual feed intake was measured. On d 30, digestibility measurements started, animals were equipped with total fecal collector bags and samples were collected for 8 d (3 for adaptation and 5 for measurements). The experiment was carried out as a randomized block design and data were analyzed using the MIXED procedure of SAS, orthogonal contrast were evaluated (linear, quadratic, and cubic). A negative linear effect (P = 0.03) was observed for DMI throughout the experiment, probably due to the high concentration of tannins in YME. Intake of YME had a positive linear effect in the digestibility coefficient of DM (P = 0.04) and NDF (P < 0.01). A quadratic effect in EE digestibility (P = 0.02) was observed, with a large reduction in treatments up to 20 g/kg of YME inclusion. No effects were observed for OM, CP, and ADF digestibility. In conclusion, YME at 40 g/kg of DM reduces DMI; however, inclusion of up to 20 g/kg of DM could increase fiber digestibility and reduce EE digestibility.Table 1. Apparent digestibility of nutrients (%) with increased levels of yerba-mate extract

Inclusion of YME (g/kg)SEMContrast1
1Values from orthogonal contrast (linear, quadratic, and cubic) are significant when P ≤ 0.05 and tendency when 0.05 < P ≤ 0.10.

Keywords: Ilex paraguariensis, natural additive, ruminant nutrition.

Biography: Degree in Animal Science (Unesp, Brazil), M.Sc. in Animal Science (USP, Brazil), and currently Ph.D. student at Molecular and Cell Biology Program at University of Florida (United States). Work with and interest in ruminant nutrition and molecular biology.