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Mammary health program and subclinical mastitis in dairy farms in Córdoba, Argentina.

P. Turiello



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Mammary health program and subclinical mastitis in dairy farms in C�rdoba, Argentina.
C. Vissio1,2, B. Mancilla1, P. Turiello*1, A. Larriestra1. 1UNRC R�o Cuarto, C�rdoba, Argentina, 2IDAS UNRC-CONICET R�o Cuarto, C�rdoba, Argentina.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge and the application of the main practices on the mammary health program (MHP) and their association with the incidence of subclinical mastitis (SM) in dairy farms in C�rdoba, Argentina. The study was conducted among producers who had information about somatic cell count (SCC) of at least 6 official milking tests during the years 2017 and 2018. Producers were invited to answer an online survey about practices and knowledge related to MHP. Once the information was gathered, a mixed model with repeated measurements was run, considering as main predictors those MHP practices and including herd size as an adjustment factor. The response variable was SM incidence, determined as the proportion of cows whose SCC increased from <200,000 to ≥200,000 cells/mL over 2 consecutive test days. The statistical analysis was performed on STATA. Of the 83 eligible producers, 61% were willing to collaborate and 24 answered the survey. Herd size median was 255 milking cows. The survey was about pen cleanliness and comfort, milking equipment, clinical mastitis (CM) management, milking routine and dry-off therapy. The greatest knowledge was about milking equipment. The least knowledge was on the aim of the dry therapy, although the level of application was 100%. Similarly, most of the producers informed an adequate CM management. Average incidence during the studied period was 21% (SD 8%). An extra pen for cows, regular pre-dipping and CM detection through foremilking were associated with low SM herd level (Table 1). Most producers applied good practices related to CM management, dry cow therapy and milking equipment, although deficient environment and milking routine were associated with higher SM incidence.Table 1. Results of the final model on the association between practice of MHP and herd SM incidence in dairy farms of C�rdoba, Argentina

VariableCategoryEstimator (SE)P-valueIncidence (95% CI)
Extra penYes−0.09 (0.03)0.0050.20 (0.18-0.23)
No0.29 (0.24-0.35)
Pre-dippingYes−0.08 (0.02)0.0010.19 (0.17-0.22)
No0.27 (0.23-0.31)
ForemilkSporadically0.13 (0.05)0.0130.09 (0.01-0.19)
Regularly0.22 (0.20-0.24)

Keywords: somatic cell count, test day, survey.