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Fumonisin esterase degrades fumonisins in lactating dairy cows.

J. Faas



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Fumonisin esterase degrades fumonisins in lactating dairy cows.
A. Gallo1, A. Minuti1, B. Doupovec2, J. Faas*2, G. Bichl2, D. Schatzmayr2, E. Trevisi1. 1Department of Animal Sciences, Food and Nutrition (DIANA), Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science, Universit� Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Piacenza, Italy, 2BIOMIN Research Center Tulln, Austria.

Fumonisins (FBs) are commonly detected mycotoxins in dairy diets. Despite a lack of studies on the in vivo effects of FBs in dairy cows, it is known from in vitro experiments that the rumen has little ability to degrade FBs. Fumonisin esterase FumD catalyzes the degradation of FBs in the gastrointestinal tract, producing less harmful hydrolyzed or partially hydrolyzed fumonisins (HFBs and pHFBs). The aim of this trial was to test the efficacy of the enzyme when fed to lactating dairy cows. In a 3 � 3 4 times replicated Latin square design, a total of 12 Holstein cows was used. Treatments were (1) an uncontaminated TMR (CTR), (2) a TMR contaminated with FBs (1.1 mg/kg) (MTX), or (3) the MTX TMR supplemented with a mycotoxin deactivator product containing FumD (MDP) (35 g/animal/day) (MTX+MDP). Each experimental period consisted of a 3-wk treatment period followed by a 2-wk clearance period. Ruminal fluid samples were collected at 5 h after the morning feeding on d 21 of each experimental period via a stomach tube. Fecal samples were taken before the start (d 0) and at d 21. Data were analyzed using SPSS 22.0. If data met the requirements, a one-way ANOVA followed by a Games-Howell post hoc test was used, if not a nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis test was conducted. Upon administration of FumD, the sum of FBs (FB1+FB2+FB3) decreased and the sum of HFBs (HFB1+HFB2+HFB3) and pHFBs (pHFB1+pHFB2+pHFB3) increased in ruminal fluid (d 21: sum of FBs: CTR 58 �mol/L, MTX 508, MTX + MDP 265 �mol/L, P < 0.01, sum of HFBs and pHFBs: CTR 57 �mol/L, MTX 115 �mol/L, MTX + MDP 287 �mol/L, P < 0.01). In feces there was no treatment effect visible at d 0 of the experiment. However, treatments differed significantly after 21 d (sum of FBs: CTR 2149 �mol/L, MTX 15297 �mol/L, MTX + MDP 7605 �mol/L, P < 0.01; sum of HFBs and pHFBs: CTR 2315 �mol/L, MTX 2804 �mol/L, MTX + MDP 8351 �mol/L, P < 0.01). Consequently, in both ruminal fluid and feces, the feeding of the enzyme in the MTX+MDP treatment decreased the sum of FBs in comparison to the MTX treatment while increasing the sum of the less harmful metabolites HFBs and pHFBs, showing its efficacy in degrading fumonisins.

Keywords: mycotoxins, fumonisins, fumonisin esterase.