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Durability evaluation of a rumen-protected choline supplement during mill and farm handling.

H. Diaz



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Durability evaluation of a rumen-protected choline supplement during mill and farm handling.
H. Diaz*, M. Sellers, S. McGregor, J. Albrecht, O. Drehmel, J. Linn. Milk Specialties Global Eden Prairie, MN.

A novel lipid coated rumen-protected choline (RPC) supplement was evaluated for handling and mixing durability in a commercial feed mill and on farm. The RPC contained 24% choline chloride and was coated with saturated fatty acids. Means were compared using JMP and Students t-test with significance at P < 0.05. For this study, 129 kg of RPC was delivered to the[JL1] feed mill in MN, added to 1,361 kg of grain/mineral mixture (RPC-MIX) and mixed for 3 min in a ribbon mixer and stored in a vertical bin at the mill. The next day RPC-MIX was transferred to an auger truck, delivered to a commercial dairy and stored in a vertical bin. RPC-MIX was removed daily from the bin and mixed into a TMR for feeding. Samples of RPC were collected (1) before mixing at the mill (RPC-CON), (2) after mixing with grain/mineral and before storage in the mill (RPC-MIX), and (3) on farm at the feed bunk after mixing into a TMR with forages and other concentrates (RPC-TMR). Durability was determined by testing crude protein (CP) in rumen undegradable protein (RUP) and intestinal digestibility (ID). RPC-MIX and RPC-TMR samples were sieved for isolation and collection of RPC. For RUP, samples were incubated in the rumen of 2 cannulated cows for 16 h and reported as % of undigested CP. RUP was 97.0, 91.3 and 87.0 for RPC-CON, RPC-MIX and RPC-TMR and not different among sampling times (P > 0.24, SEM = 3.90). ID (% of CP) of RPC was determined using the Cornell method for in vitro intestinal digestibility. The ID for RPC-CON and RPC-MIX and RPC-TMR was 85.3, 68.2 and 70.5% (P = 0.06, SEM = 3.15), respectively. ID was highest in RPC, declined slightly with mixing in the mill, but not further declined with transfer to and mixing on the farm. [JL2] The RPC as manufactured has a high initial durability as shown by the high RUP and ID of the RPC-CON. Mill handling and mixing had no effect on RUP, but tended to decrease ID compared with RPC-CON. Durability of RPC was not affected by on farm storage and TMR mixing. The data indicate a saturated fatty acid coating can be very effective in protecting choline against rumen degradation and achieving good intestinal digestibility.

Keywords: choline, RUP, digestibility.