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Influence of monk fruit sweetener on the physico-chemical characteristics of camel milk yogurt.

A. Buchilina



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Influence of monk fruit sweetener on the physico-chemical characteristics of camel milk yogurt.
A. Buchilina*1, K. Aryana2. 1Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA, 2Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Baton Rouge, LA.

Monk fruit sweetener contains antioxidants and is a natural zero calorie sweetener with the sweetness from 100 to 250 times that of sucrose. Camel milk has many beneficial nutritional and therapeutic characteristics and is used to treat different human diseases because of the presence of natural bioactive components. Camel milk yogurts with 0, 3.2, 9.6, and 19.2g of the added monk fruit sweetener per 7.57 L of camel milk were prepared and stored at 4�C for 6 weeks. During storage, the pH, titratable acidity, viscosity, and color (L*, a*, b*, C*, and h*) were measured weekly. Three replications were conducted. Data were analyzed using Proc Mixed of the SAS and Bonferroni (Dunn) t-test was used to determine significant differences at P < 0.05. The presence of monk fruit sweetener significantly decreased the pH and significantly increased the viscosity of the yogurts. Yogurt with 0g of the sweetener had significantly higher pH (4.38 � 0.10) than the yogurts with 9.6 (4.30 � 0.07) and 19.2g (4.31 � 0.10) of monk fruit sweetener. Viscosity of the yogurt with 0g of the sweetener was significantly lower (1394.98 � 321.83) than the samples with 9.6 (1595.78 � 219.20) and 19.2g (1646.92 � 181.50) of the sweetener and no different from the sample with 3.2g of the sweetener (1539.33 � 131.81). The instrumental color attributes a*, b*, C*, and h* were also significantly affected by the addition of the sweetener. The a* values of yogurts significantly increased, the b*, C*, and h* values of yogurts significantly decreased. The supplementation of yogurt with the sweetener did not affect the titratable acidity and the L* value of yogurt samples. Monk fruit sweetener can be used as a sweetener in the camel milk yogurt production.

Keywords: fermented, yogurt, physico-chemical.

Biography: Ms. Alina Buchilina is a Fulbright scholar pursuing her Masters degree in Nurtition and Food Sciences with Dr. Kayanush Aryana as her major professor.